"Good clothes open all doors."

- Thomas Fuller
Susan M. Hill

Susan Moore Hill is a Certified Style and Image Consultant committed to assisting clients realize their fashion potential. We are what we wear and good clothes really do open all doors! Susan works closely with her clients in a collaborative environment that lets them achieve the image and style that best reflects their distinctive personality.

Susan's clients include businesswomen, professionals, educators, volunteers and busy moms, all of whom want to be at their best at work, home, and at casual or formal occasions. Most importantly, they need to feel confident and comfortable so they can relax and do the job at hand!

Susan is a Certified Image Consultant with London Image Institute and has received extensive training in image and branding as well as color theory and analysis. Her business experience includes a career with Joan & David in New York where her clients included Neiman-Marcus, Montaldo's, Bob Ellis, Harold's, and Tootsies. Traveling with Joan on design trips throughout Italy allowed her to experience fashion being created, giving her the sense of line, proportion, color, and attention to detail she now shares with her clients. She worked with Joan to open the first Joan & David boutiques at Harrods, London and Galeries Lafayette, Paris.

Susan is a graduate of Hollins College and attended The New York Botanical Garden Landscape Design School. She currently serves on the St Thomas Choir School Alumni Board in New York and is a former board member of The Virginia Thurston Healing Garden in Harvard, Massachusetts where she was Co-Chair of their fundraiser, "Can You Dig It !?!". She lives in Concord, Massachusetts with her husband and 2 Westies.

"It is no exaggeration to say that Susan Hill has made my life immeasurably easier. For years, as I have tried to balance my various roles as historian, lecturer and television commentator, shopping for the right outfits seemed to be the one thing I never found time for. Susan has not only helped me understand what colors and styles look best on me and how to mix and match the outfits I have, but more importantly, we have now reached a stage, since she knows what I like, that enables her to shop ahead of time and bring me choices. And invariably, since her taste is more discerning than mine, these choices are better than the ones I would have made on my own! I cannot recommend her services more highly."
- Doris Kearns Goodwin, presidential historian and author

"I grew up in a place where ready-to-wear didn't exist and all my clothes were tailor-made. Choosing the perfect outfit and size from a maze of racks to suit my diverse lifestyle is a challenge without Susan's guidance. As an international attorney living in the New York suburbs I need a stylish, age appropriate wardrobe for work and play. Susan helps me glide seamlessly from my son's and grandchildren's athletic events to courtrooms, board meetings, informal and formal social events feeling and looking my best. I have no time to waste on shopping for clothes I end up returning. With Susan's help I don't have to do this any more. Hallelujah!"
- Sandra Nunez, author, attorney, wife and mother